"Virtual Reality is transforming enterprise learning. We are excited to bring the best learning science, production experience and global creativity to your learning challenges." Hugh Seaton | Aquinas CEO

Unlike most elearning, VR makes learners the center of the action, creating true behavior change

AquinasVR is uniquely positioned to deliver powerful, effective VR learning

With extensive expertise in learning, VR & production, our team deeply understands how to create VR that achieves results.



Announcing AquinasVR!

A partnership to offer cuttin edge, learner-centric immersive VR content & experience solutions for enterprise clients



Download the VR Learning Primer eBook

A concise guide to what VR is, how it works, and over a dozen relevant VR learning case studies.

Develop high risk skills in a risk-free environment

Explore how you can learn new skills, from equipment operation to loading process in immersive, safe and life-like scenarios.

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Perfect presentation skills, without an audience

See how VR learning can help you teach employees public speaking & managerial skills without costly in-person sessions.

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Rehearse new techniques, before even seeing a patient

Learn how VR learning scenarios enable practicing of dangerous or expensive procedures in the safety of a virtual environment.

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See what AquinasVR and VR learning can do for your training

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